Spy Kids 2 Review

Image for Spy Kids 2

When the Cortez clan are discredited by nasty secret agent counterparts, the kids journey to a mysterious island to retrieve an electronics-blocking ultra-weapon.


This comic wish-fulfilment fantasy is the proverbial treat for the whole family. Satirical touches (flying presidential Secret Service limos) and leg-pulls of espionage conventions abound, exemplified by teen spy Carmen’s explanation of how she knows a particular object is what they seek: “Because it’s big and weird, and in the middle of the room.”

Rodriguez devises all the hectic stunts and ingenious gizmos a techie could want, from a robotic nose-picker to jet shoes. He also celebrates the wonder of the imagination, creating — in mad scientist Buscemi’s genetic experiments and the skeletal army guarding a treasure — a beautifully executed, cute-scary homage to the wizardry of model animation pioneer Ray Harryhausen, who put the spectacular effects in spiffy Saturday adventures of yesteryear.

Muy bien! Witty, action-packed and fun for the younger set, with Oh-Oh Antonio to delight the ladies, and SFX wonders for those who warmly remember when stop-motion was cutting edge.