Spread Review

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Nikki is an almost 30 yr old who prefers the easy world of a high class toyboy in L.A. than having to run his own life, when he meets a waitress who intrigues him.


Marketed as a sex-com, Spread is a difficult film to classify, but even harder to like. Ashton Kutcher plays an LA gigolo living the high life via a string of wealthy lovers (principally Anne Heche’s Samantha), using everyone to avoid lifting a finger. Naturally, he convinces as a man who could seduce anyone, while LA is shot so beautifully that for once it looks like a desirable place to be.

Yet there’s something dispiriting in Jason Dean Hall’s look at this tawdry trade, underlined by Kutcher’s jaded voiceover, suggestive of a collective clinical depression. The cast work hard and there’s an attempt at redemption, but it’s hard to forget the shallowness that’s gone before.

Allegedly a sex-com, this has moments of charm but the shallow tawdryness of the lead's life choices taints the whole film.