I Spit On Your Grave Review

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When writer Jennifer Hills (Butler) escapes to the quiet of the country to start work on her new book the local rednecks take turns to pick on her, but their vindicativeness soons spirals into something far more sinister.


This redo of the 1978 rape-and-revenge nasty improves on the crude original in every respect — save that it’s less upsetting. Among the most needless entries in the make-it-again stakes, it’s a game of two halves: the first section finds city girl Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler) menaced, molested and raped by a gang of rural misogynist creeps; this effectively unpleasant experience licenses the audience to enjoy Part Two, in which she visits Jigsaw-like vengeance upon scuzzball dolts. Director Steven R. Monroe does a professional job with the material, melodrama is salted with suspense (something the original couldn’t manage), old plot holes are filled and Butler is strong enough to survive professionally. In its redundant weight class, better than the remakes of The Last House On The Left or A Nightmare On Elm Street.

A marked improvement on the 1978 original, handled with quiet efficiency by director Monroe, there's enough thrills and chills here to grip horror fans.