Spirit Trap Review

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A gang of students - one of whom is psychic (Piper) - move into an old house, which turns out to be a thoroughly bad idea.


If the offer had followed the acclaim that greeted her appearance as Doctor Who’s sidekick, it’s unlikely Billie Piper would have chosen this wobbly British horror for her debut as a movie lead.

As a psychic among a group of students who move into a spooky old house full of ghosts, she makes the best of a thoroughly bad lot, remaining believable in the face of lines like, "The woman who lived here disappeared 100 years ago today!"

Culling students should be a legitimate sport, so seeing them scared witless ought to provide cheap thrills. This, though, takes far too long to get going. For the first hour there’s little more in the way of frights than a few scribbles from beyond the grave and a wet footprint, and even at its climax there’s too many shouty confrontations and not enough menace.

While director David Smith has an eye for an attractive shot, he lacks the ability to orchestrate an effective shock.