Spike Island Review

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Manchester, 1990. Teenagers and bandmates Tits (Tittensor) and Dodge (Mirallegro) are desperate to get to the Stone Roses gig at nearby Spike Island. Life, though, has other plans for them.


If Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll was director Mat Whitecross’ punk odyssey, Spike Island is his journey into baggy, located firmly at the peak of Madchester’s cultural dominance in 1990. Unlike Sex & Drugs... this isn’t a biopic; The Stone Roses, and their seminal Spike Island gig, form the backdrop to a fictional caper — a likable gang-of-mates piece with a breakout performance from Elliott Tittensor as Tits (yes), a teen desperate to get into the gig. The drama is a little dependent on daddy issues and hospital corridor hugs, but the rest benefits from a fun, loose-fit vibe — including one great E.T.-inspired gag.

Following Made Of Stone, this is another slice of nostalgia for baggies of a certain age.