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A traffic warden becomes convinced, after a drug's trial he participates in, that he has superhuman powers and must now follow his calling as a superhero.


It’s Spider-man with a considerably more lo-fi spider, when traffic inspector-cum-comic fan Les (Michael Rapaport) takes part in a medical trial designed to increase self-confidence. Despite his doctor’s protests to the contrary Les firmly believes he can walk through walls, and starts protecting his neighbourhood from potential crime with his newfound superpowers.

Whether he actually has any or not depends on whose side you take: Les’ new firmness of purpose and diarised voiceover glue the film’s laconic humour together, but it’s supporting roles from Robert Baker as a disbelieving comic store owner and 24’s Paul Blackthorne as the wonderfully sarcastic head of the company conducting the trials that really steal a wryly entertaining show and an unusual take on the genre flick.

Genuinely original in parts but this works as a comedy only in places.