Sparkle Review

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Life, love and relationships in the big city.


This gentle Brit-flick is so unassuming that it takes you a while to realise that it’s actually rather good.

Relative newcomer Shaun Evans plays Sam, an ambitious young man who cosies up to the glamorous Sheila (Stockard Channing) - only to find his plans in trouble when he falls for young rebel Kate (Amanda Ryan).

Meanwhile, his wannabe lounge singer mother Jill (Lesley Manville) is fighting off the devoted attentions of her shy admirer Vince (Bob Hoskins, in a role that’s sweetly against type).

The characters are nicely drawn, and if it sometimes feels a little too small, it’s still a charming and smart rom-com that’s worth a look.

Sparkle may not be an obvious bobby dazzler but seek it out and you'll be rewarded with a real gem.