Soul Plane Review

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The "urban" Airplane!, this follows a misfit group as they try to safely land their runaway jumbo.


In some ways, this is one of the most egalitarian films ever made. Former music video director Terrero leaves no stone unturned, no barrier of taste unbroken, in attempting to insult every single member of the human race.

Blacks, whites, homosexuals, women, Catholics, Muslims and Michael Jackson are all subjected to degrading and stereotypical depictions of such offensiveness that they’d make Ron Atkinson blush.

All that might be forgivable if the film were funny. Billed as the ‘urban’ Airplane!, Soul Plane tries to ape the joke-per-minute style of the ZAZ classic, but manages a miss-rate of nigh-on 100 per cent. Add a boring story and characters that could only have amused were they sucked into the jet engines, and you have a serious disaster movie.