Song For Marion Review

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His wife Marion's (Redgrave) fading health doing little for his bah-humbugging outlook on life, Arthur (Stamp) grouchily agrees to step in and help out on the local choir when she proves too ill to continue. But under the watchful eye of Gemma Arterton's choir coach a strange transformation takes place.


Hankies at the ready for this comedy-drama starring Vanessa Redgrave as a terminal cancer sufferer who’s part of a local choir. She’s the cheerful one in her relationship with grouchy husband Arthur (Terence Stamp). Their opposites-attract marriage is beautifully portrayed until the inevitable; then Arthur must find salvation under the wing of the chirpy young choir mistress (Gemma Arterton). The final act suffers from the absence of the amazing Redgrave, and there are rough edges. But as a well-meaning tear-jerker, Song For Marion does the job.

With Redgrave on top form and the story's moving take on devotion in the face of death, your tear ducts will be powerless to resist.