Somewhere In Time Review

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Richard is disillusioned with his contemporary lifestyle and under self-hypnosis searches for the woman of his dreams. He find love but also danger and time-travelling conundrums.


Neglected on its original release, this romantic time-travel fantasy has picked up a major cult. Disenchanted Christopher Reeve, at odds with the noisy 1970s, projects himself mentally into a chocolate-box vision of the 1900s, where he understandably falls in love with actress Jane Seymour, but fate, a turn of plot, an overlooked coin and mean old Christopher Plummer contrive to keep them apart.

In the home stretch you’re not sure whether the picture has gone misty because director Jeannot Szwarc has pumped dry ice into the scenes which take place in limbo or because you’ve been crying too much. Adapted from the novel Bid Time Return by horror-fantasy great Richard Matheson, this allows pretty-pretty stars to express the sort of genteel passion which bends the laws of physics.

Of its time, ironically, but an endearing romance nonetheless.