Sometimes They Come Back Review

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Matheson plays a teacher who is getting over the death of his brother who was murdered by the local teens. While the delinquents carry on causing havoc they get involved in a car crash and all die only to reappear from beyond the grave and haunt the teacher by appearing in his class.


One of the better Stephen King adaptations, with Tim Matheson as a nervous teacher still haunted by the long-ago death of his brother at the hands of greasy-haired juvenile delinquents in a flashback. Matheson is tormented when his old persecutors, killed in a car crash, transfer out of the graveyard into his class, intent on evening the old score and cutting down the roll-call by offing good students. King’s tight short story is neatly expanded to feature-length with intriguing ground rules for the haunting, and Matheson and Brooke Addams are perfect as the representatives of persecuted normality. It relies more on plot and character than splatter, but there are a few telling flashes of the baddies in their burned-to-a-crisp zombie form.

One of Stephen King's adaptations that involves less gore and more thrills, this outing relies on solid performances with Matheson and Adams delivering while the script is faithful to the book, successfully extending into a longer version for the big screen. There are a few nasties for King fans but not enough.