Something Wild Review

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Businessman Charles Driggs boring existence takes a dramatic turn when he meets sexy wild-child Lulu. He leaves behind his old life when he fails to return to the office and she takes him out of town.


Buttoned-down business type Jeff Daniels meets wild and crazy Melanie Griffith in a coffee shop, and they wind up on a spree across the country that turns them into comic outlaws before Melanie’s psychotic old boyfriend Ray Liotta turns up with a knife to add a nasty edge to the high jinx.

Directed by Jonathon Demme, from E. Max Frye's script, Something Wild exudes trendiness — thanks to a superb soundtrack of weirdly-chosen artists and a cast of bizarro cameo players like John Sayles and John Waters — but dates fast.

As an artefact from a period — the mid-80s — that produced almost nothing distinctive, this remains breezy fun.