Snow Day Review

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Presumably homesick for the B-movie roots she finally left behind with her starring role in Quentin Tarantino's superlative Jackie Brown, Pam Grier here makes a beeline back towards the realms of banality, with a bit-part in this lame high school hokum, trying - unsuccessfully - to cash in on the reborn Hollywood fad for all things adolescent.

Hal (Webber) is a New York teenager who is more than a little enamoured with the predictably out-of-his-league sexpot, Claire (Chriqui). However, following a freak weather occurrence (although not quite as freaky as others recently), he senses that this could be his one chance of a crack at the title - by keeping the school gates closed he should have enough time to woo her with whatever dubious charms he thinks he possesses.

And so, ho hum, Hal enrols his younger sister Natalie (Grey) and best female friend Lane (Fisk) on a daft campaign against Chris Elliott's preposterously demonic "Snowplough Man" - a horrendously overblown caricature that comes across as the bastard offspring of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre's Leatherface and an ageing lollipop lady.

Dragging itself along with gag after inane gag, whilst trying to cram a quite ludicrous number of plot contrivances into a (thankfully) slim running time, the final product is ultimately nothing more than a sprawling mess. And one that even goes so far as to vastly underuse the "talents" of its only redeeming factor (and if this isn't a damning indictment, then nothing is), Chevy Chase. Happily, the unfortunate combination of it being not only a debut feature (for Chris Koch), but also a Nickelodeon production aimed at pre-teens, explains much and - one would hope - should provide sufficient warning for those in the know. For those not, they'll find out soon enough.