Slogans Review

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Teacher Andre challenges the tinpot authority of his headmaster and Party apparatchik in the remote mountain village he moves to.


An openly contemptuous study of political paltriness at the height of Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha’s regime, Slogans recalls the jibing humanism that underpins both Chinese and Iranian satirical realism.

Each Stalinist strategy is exposed for its futility, as biologist Artur Gorishti challenges the tinpot authority of headmaster Agim Qirjaqi and Party apparatchik, Birce Hasko. Whether it’s associating with a reactionary goatherd or canoodling with Luiza Xhuvani, Gorishti’s passive resistance does more for his students than the state-sponsored sloganising considered more educational than the imparting of ideas.

Director Gjergi Xhuvani achieves a latent menace that masks the absurdity of a system in which hypocrisy and treachery were the traits of model citizenship.