Sleepover Review

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A simple sleepover for a group of 14 year old girls turns into a night of adventure involving scavenger hunts, bars and boys.


Spy Kids’ Alexa Vega isn’t a little girl anymore — and neither is her character, Julie, in this adolescent caper about an eventful sleepover party. Well, not that eventful: the 14 year-old girls are challenged to a scavenger hunt and sneak out of the house into bars and boys’ bathrooms, sadly failing to end up in juvenile detention.

Weak one-liners are followed by platitudes spouted sagely by Julie’s best mate Hannah (Mika Boorem), whose wisdom includes suggesting her fat friend find a fat boyfriend to match. This is poorly shot, edited and scored, while any acting talent feels wasted. If you’re eight and you dream about the cool guy actually knowing your name, there might be some aspirational fodder to gnaw on here, but it’s wrapped up in a shockingly shoddy package.

Even the target audience should avoid this. And the generation below.