The Sleeping Tiger Review

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Small-time mugger Frank, holds up pyschologist Clive. As an alternative to jail, he is offered six months therapy, but transgresses his therapist's trust by continuing to commit crimes and by having an affair with his wife Glenda. As Frank starts to pull himself togethre, Clive has to deal with Glenda who is falling into breakdown.


In his first collaboration with director Losey, Bogarde plays a neurotic mugger who tries to stick up psychologist Knox and is persuaded to take six months' therapy rather than a jail spell. As the unreasonably decent Knox delves into the causes of Dirk's criminality, the hood takes time off to commit armed robbery and have an affair with Knox's wound-up-tight wife (Smith), who falls apart at the seams as Dirk manages to get it together. A fascinating film, this offers a couple of interesting maniacs in Bogarde and Smith, both of whom blame it all on unloving parents, but falls down by not presenting Knox, whose actions seem to be those of a real nutcase, as equally unbalanced.

An thorough and engaging psychological examination.