Slaughterhouse Five Review

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Billie survives the 1945 firebombing of Dresden, then lives simultaneously in his past, present and future as a young American POW, a resident in a zoo on another planet, and as a middle-aged optometrist in New York State.


Considering that Kurt Vonnegut's demanding flights of fantasy are virtually unfilmable — no bad thing — this game effort to visualise his early landmark novel is creditable and interesting if very uneven.

Forget seeing it to get the gist of the book; anyone unfamiliar with the original is likely to emerge utterly baffled by this Everyman -unstuck-in-time-and-space fable which is part-sci fi, part-contemporary American angst and part-memoir of KV's own WWII nightmare as a POW in bombed Dresden.

Weird, but kind of cool