Sketches Of Frank Gehry Review

Image for Sketches Of Frank Gehry

Documentary about the ground-breaking achievements of the architect Frank Gehry.


The problem with making films about friends is that esteem often vitiates estimation. Thus, while this documentary is both affable and accessible, Sydney Pollack’s admiration and affection for architect Frank Gehry prevents him from presenting anything other than a hagiographical homage to his achievement.

The discussion of art and commerce is fascinating but truncated, while we learn too little about the debt Gehry owes therapist Milton Wexler. Similarly, famous faces like Dennis Hopper and Bob Geldof gushingly offer their insights, but the inclusion of a single carping voice only emphasises the lack of objectivity.

A fond and always accessible portrait, but the lack of objectivity and drooling images of Gehry's work deprives this documentary of any objectivity.