Sister Review

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Taunted by the wealth on display at the Swiss ski resort where his sister works, a sly teenager (Kacey Mott Klein) – who has never known his parents – survives on hope, pasta and petty crime.


Martin Compston speaking French is just one surprise in this smart, sweet slice of European realism, as brisk and bracing as the air on the Swiss ski-slopes where it's set. Remarkable young newcomer Kacey Mott Klein plays wiry, light-fingered scamp Simon, who preys on hapless tourists to supplement his hard day-to-day existence with his loose-living sister/guardian (Lea Seydoux, never better), who's little more than a kid herself. It's their complex relationship that gives this snowbound story, exquisitely shot by the great Agnès Godard, its warmth; if the Dardenne brothers could laugh now and again, they'd make something like this.

Neither sentimental nor wrist-slittingly glum, Ursula Meier's fresh, affecting study of an unsteady family in society's margins lives up to its festival plaudits