Sinister 2 Review

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Courtney Collins (Sossamon) and her nine-year-old twin sons find themselves haunted by the evil spirit of Bughuul.


A standard follow-up to the solid horror-mystery. Abused wife Shannyn Sossamon hides out in a church where a massacre took place and her two sons fall under the spell of the demon who was behind the curse from the first film. It features more of those talking-point 8mm family snuff films, staged as very nasty jokes, and spends more time with the pack of well-spoken, malicious spectral kids who are agents of the boogeyman. However, the story ties itself in knots to cope with its extraordinarily complicated curse and the occasional decent scare doesn’t elevate it much from the Insidious/ Paranormal pack.

A lacklustre sequel. Still good to see nemesis of spellcheck Shannyn Sossamon back on screen.