Since Otar Left Review

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A family drama set in Georgia supported by strong performances from the cast.


Georgian granny Eka (the magnificent Gorintin) lives with her daughter Marina (Khomassouridze) and granddaughter Ada (Droukarova) in Tbilisi. However, her beloved son Otar, a doctor, is living in the Parisian suburb of Montmartre and, unbeknownst to Eka, is having to do casual labour. When he is killed in a building site accident, Marina and Ada decide that the truth must be kept from Eka as the shock and pain is likely to kill her.

A companion piece of sorts to Good Bye Lenin, debutante director Julie Bertucelli's film works so well because of its adherence to the basics of good writing and strong acting. The relationship between Ada and Eka is beautifully written and utterly believable, while the film's central idea of compassionate deception allows Bertucelli to explore the nature of love, culminating in the film's masterful and deeply affecting ending.