Silk Stockings Review

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A Russian composer has run away to France. After three Soviet agents fail in their mission to bring him back, the beautiful Ninotchka, is sent to bring him back. Although she is filled with hatred for the west at first, she is soon seduced by it.


A musical remake of Ninotchka, which substitutes Astaire and Charisse for Melvyn Douglas and Greta Garbo but throws in an underrated Cole Porter score to even things up nicely. Commissar Charisse, who has legs longer than a Moscow Mayday parade, succumbs to the capitalist charm of graceful Fred in Paris while Mamoulian stages lovely, lurid musical numbers which almost equal the most excessive Vincente Minnelli movies. The stand-out sequence is the one in which Astaire gets into rock 'n' roll but keeps on his white tie and tails, but there's also a neat skit on 50s super-colossal filmmaking (Stereophonic Sound) and a political torch song (The Red Blues).

Its reputation may be eclipsed by Ninotchka, but this is the better film.