Silent Grace Review

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Denied the status of political prisoners, a group of Republican women embark on a ‘dirty’ protest and, when tensions escalate, join their male IRA comrades on hunger strike.


Given the recent electoral results in Northern Ireland, it’s worth examining afresh the dilemmas within this still-sensitive paramilitary issue, particularly from a female rather than typically male perspective. But writer-director-producer Maeve Murphy’s techniques are still chained to the theatre (this screenplay is expanded from a Time Out Award-winning play); some touches are unsubtle (how often do we need to hear I Fought The Law to get the point?) and she allows too much fluctuation across the performances.

Cathleen Bradley, as a teenage tearaway thrown in by the governor to disrupt the paramilitaries, falls below the standard of her fellow actors, undergoing a personality change from Kevin & Perry whining to committed Republican activist.