Side Out Review

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Monroe Clark heads to L.A. for a summer job with his attorney uncle, tossing out tennants who are late with the rent. Among those to be tossed out is Zack Barnes, a former volleyball champ, who entices Monroe to the beach life in a quest to recover former glories in an upcoming performance.


C. Thomas Howell arrives in Southern California to work for his uncle chasing up rent arrears. Instead he ends up entering a professional beach volleyball tournament with one of his debtors, thirtysomething’s Peter Horton, who is undoubtedly the star of the show as a washed-up gnarly old beach dude.

However, The script doesn't do anyone any favours. The acting isn't that bad, but they're not gven a great deal to work with. The characters are one-dimensional, the delineation between good guys and bad guys is almost cartoonishly clear, and the dialogue is full of bad clichés.

The unashamed theft from other movies, including a running along the beach training scene a la Rocky III and a lift of the song "playing with the boys" from Top Gun, probably makes the picture more bareable.

All bright colours and big smiles and with a near-continuous pop soundtrack, this sun, sand and swimwear movie makes Cocktail look like Citizen Kane. California has never looked so predictably radical.

Braindead and done to death, this somehow remains a relatively fun ride.