The Other Side of the Bed Review

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Two couples change partners in their search for happiness.


If Pedro Almodovar made a ribald sex comedy in which the handsome cast spontaneously broke into impeccably-choreographed dance routines while singing cheesy home-grown hits, it might look something like this delightful confection, one of Spain's biggest ever box office hits.

It all kicks off when Paula (Jump Tomorrow's Verbeke) breaks it off with boyfriend Pedro (Toledo) because she is having an affair with his best friend Javier (Alterio), whose girlfriend Sonia (Sex And Lucia's Paz Vega) is flirting with lesbianism, but winds up in bed with the lovelorn Pedro.

Of course, all this is just an excuse for a lot of bed-hopping and sexual proselytising which, while as shallow as the characters, is just as engaging. The exuberance of the package, coupled with a sexual frankness seldom seen in English language cinema, makes this the most fun foreign film since Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Exuberant and delightful Spanish conconction of dance-routines and sex comedy which manages to be both gloriously camp and explicitly heterosexual