Siam Sunset Review

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Linus Roache, not renowned for comedy, brings deadpan charm to a wild Aussie comic fable for which the description “quirky” cannot be denied. He’s sad sack pommy Perry who, after the death of his wife in an absurd freak accident, takes a bus tour from hell across the outback, trying to escape the cosmic jinx that dogs him in a string of bizarre disasters. En route he meets Grace (Cormack), who’s on the run from her violent lover.

Fire, flood and the boyfriend find the hapless coach party, as does love, in a weirdly witty musing on life’s cruel mysteries and salvation. Polson makes a hectic, somewhat laboured but decidedly gigglesome feature debut, notable for its self-mocking antipodean archetypes and a climactic fatality that is spectacularly ingenious and sublimely silly.