Shutter Review

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After a photographer and his girlfriend are involved in a hit and run accident, unusual occurrences in the darkroom indicate another call for Asia’s Ghostbusters.


Being Thai, Shutter doesn’t strictly fit into the J-horror mould, but its directors’ obvious love for the subgenre sometimes brings more yawns than screams. Crawling spectres, wandering hair and vengeful teenagers all crank up familiar scares, as the ghost of a young woman haunts a wedding photographer in both his pictures and life.

Shutter just manages to stave off audience boredom with some plot twists that will shock even the most jaded Asian horror fanatic. Just how much longer creepy girls in need of a haircut can hold our attention is another matter, but this is still a solidly entertaining scare.

If you’ve seen Ring, Ju-On or Dark Water you should bring along your own scare ticksheet, but a last page show of heart makes Shutter a sobering cut above the rest.