Shrink Review

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LA's top celebrity psychologist (Kevin Spacey) suffers a personal tragedy which sees him turn into a disaffected pothead who finds himslef unable to deal with his patient's concerns.


Jonas Pate makes a very pleasing, wry, Altmanesque drama out of Thomas Moffett’s nicely tart screenplay in which a cross-section of Los Angelinos — from movie stars (Saffron Burrows an ageing actress, Jack Huston a wild Irish action man, uncredited Robin Williams a sexually dysfunctional big name) and an obsessive-compulsive über-agent (terrific Dallas Roberts, one to watch) to a troubled teen (Keke Palmer) — cross paths at the door of their A-list psychiatrist Henry (Kevin Spacey, on top form, both painfully poignant and droll), who is cracking up himself. Satirical swipes at Hollywood celebrity are hilariously knowing, but the problems of Henry and his patients are real enough to be genuinely moving, as is the palpable love for film itself.

Sharp and edgy but with a touching warmth, this satire piques the heart as well as the funny bone.