The Shouting Men Review

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A group of Gillingham football fans in the 70s follow their idols to a cup tie at Newcastle.


BILLED AS THE ANTIDOTE TO THE rock-and-ruck clichés of ’70s-set footie flicks, this comedy follows a crew of Gillingham fans to a cup tie at Premiership giants Newcastle, making it a period piece in its own right.

The Gills fans are an underdog bunch, led on their road trip by put-upon counsellor Rod (Warren Llambias) in a clapped-out minibus. Rod’s task is complicated by wheelchair-bound Terry (Matt Daniel-Baker), hell-bent on head-butting anything that moves, and a sat-nav mix-up more obviously signposted than their route north.

Sadly, as they lose their way so does the film, descending into a mix of fart gags and earnestness. Only the best John Barnes cameo since the Anfield Rap saves it from an early bath.

One wonderful cameo just about lifts this limp effort, but otherwise it's a red card.