Shock Treatment Review

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A musical follow up to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A hapless couple (Janet and Brad Majors, played respectively by Harper and Young) find themselves trapped on a crazy TV game show, at the mercy of Cosmo (O'Brien).


A sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show that completely failed to capture the audience of that genuine cult sleeper, this has been very rarely seen, even on double bills with Rocky Horror, and so you might feel curious enough to check it out. Actually, it has a rather better score than the first film courtesy of Richard O’Brien, and heroine Jessica Harper stops the show several times with sizzling dance numbers, but the storyline is a wash-out and it doesn’t really connect with the well-remembered transvestites-from-outer-space movie. Set in a small American town that’s also a TV station, it’s full of obvious jokes about game shows, medical soap operas and family sit-coms, and features a semi-name cast— Barry Humphries, Rik Mayall, Nell Campbell, Ruby Wax—not really doing very much.

Cowering in the shadow of the Picture Show, this sequel of sorts builds on none of the risks take by its predecessor.