Shelter Review

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A forensic psychiatrist (Moore) investigates a patient (Rhys-Meyers) with multiple personalities, where each of the personalities appears to be a murder victim.


Shrink Julianne Moore dismisses multiple personality disorder as a myth, but her father introduces her to a young patient (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) with such an extreme form of the condition that he takes on different, genuine disabilities with each alter ego. Then things get really weird.

This you-won’t-believe-where-it’s-going effort begins as an earnest psychological mystery and spins out of control, taking on faith healing, hillbilly magic, soul-sucking, possible immortality, a demon that preys only on atheists and enough paranormal gubbins for an X-Files season box set. Moore copes steadfastly with every thunderstorm and looming nutcase the plot has in store for her. At once resolutely average if conceptually unique, Shelter earns its two-star rating through one-note plodding but — as with Orphan last year — it’s probably more enjoyable than many a better film.

Sporadically enjoyable psyc-hokum.

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