Sheitan Review

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Night clubbing youths find themselves in bizarre circumstances when they find themselves the guests of a mysterious shepherd character and his many secrets.


Three clubbing youths are picked up by the lovely Eve (Roxane Mesquida) and spend Christmas in the countryside at her home, a rambling former doll hospital, in this bizarre French horror comedy. The yellow-grinning, moustachioed host (an unrecognisable Vincent Cassel) makes wildly inappropriate remarks and has a mysterious pregnant wife stashed somewhere.

There’s creepiness with broken dolls and puppet plays, but eventually it gets down to knockabout violence and a strange nativity. Ramping up the discomfort factor with racial abuse, rural loons, all-over-the-place sexuality and moments of grue, this is uncomfortable, but entertaining.

Entertaining and genuinely creepy at times this boasts strong performances from its French cast.