Sex Lives of The Potato Men Review

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Given the collective talents of lead actors Vegas and Crook, playing two potato deliverers with nothing more on their mind that getting laid, it's staggering just how woefully unfunny this wretched Britcom is.

There's no story or development to speak of, just a random collection of repellent sexual scenarios - suburban group sex and sadomasochism being possibly the only ones that can be commented on here. A supporting cast of the best of British TV talent from shows such as The Office and League of Gentlemen give some hope that a laugh can not be too far away, but sadly all hopes are dashed as yet another riff on cunnilingus rears its ugly head.

With an apparent mission to make the ultimate gross-out comedy, first-time director Andy Humphries has instead made something merely gross, which resembles a pilot episode of an uninspired sitcom that somebody neglected to edit.