Sex Kittens Go to College Review

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Dr. Mathilda West (Van Doren) has a shady past but is hired by Collins College due to her impressive credentials. She soon becomes a distraction for every male on campus, however, which is, conveniently, a hotbed of libinous comedy.


Take Mamie Van Doren as a stripper with 16 college degrees, Thinko the Robot, Brigitte Bardot’s less talented sister Mijanou, Tuesday Weld as a co-ed, Vampira, Woo-Woo Grabowskif (playing himself), Conway Twitty (yowzah!) handling the music, and a bunch of Hollywood character actors, and you have what sounds like the recipe for a real cult classic. Zugsmith got it right earlier with another Mamie movie, High School Confidential, but this is an early example of the Surf Nazis Must Die school of would-be cultish comedy. It has a fairly witless script, but its real failing is that the entire cast read their lines as if it were a quick rehearsal before they do them properly. There’s a sequence in which four strippers peel in front of Thinko, featuring nudity unusual in a film this old, and earlier on you get to see John Carradine do the Charleston, but those are the only possible reasons for sitting through this again.

A low-budget romp that titillates without ever delivering either the laughs or the erotica it promises.