Seventh Son Review

Image for Seventh Son

A farmer’s son (Barnes) is recruited by an aging warrior (Bridges) to serve as his apprentice and protect their land from an evil witch (Moore).


Adapted from Joseph Delaney’s fantasy novel, Seventh Son involves a reluctant hero (Ben Barnes) enlisted by a wizened elder (Jeff Bridges) to fulfill an ancient prophecy. You’ve got shape-shifting beasties, treasured amulets and all that obligatory blather about Greatness and Destiny.

Barnes is technically present in most scenes, Bridges plays things as croakily as ever, and Julianne Moore’s villainous witch makes this the world’s least impressive Big Lebowski reunion. Still, director Sergey Bodrov delivers humour and Harryhausen-aping confrontations with a steady hand.

This swords-and-sorcery throwback has little imagination on display, instead doubling down on computer-generated flair to pass the time.