The Seventh Sign Review

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As signs of apocalypse mount around the world in the wake of wanderer Father Lucci, pregnant American Anny Quinn (Moore) fears disaster for her unborn child.


A fundamentalist horror movie with Jurgen Prochnow as a mysterious lodger who comes around causing the Apocalypse, Demi Moore pregnant with a child who can avert the end of all things, Michael Biehn as a lawyer whose client is set to die a martyr's death in the chair, and more theological speculation to the minute than you can possibly digest.

It's a skillfully gloomy movie, with some nice plague footage, but despite the sterling efforts of the cast, it's a silly picture. Incidentally, how come everyone got so worked up about the Last Temptation Of Christ but went easy on this movie, in which Our Redeemer is portrayed as a neon-eyed horror movie psycho?

Has everything in the right place but somehow doesn't seem to hit the spot.