The Set Up Review

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Charlie Thorpe, a security systems expert, gets caught during a robbery. When he is released from jail he is hired by a bank owner to design a fool proof system during the refurbishing of a bank. But shortly after it's finished he is blackmailed into cracking the security.


A fair little heist movie from a novel by the unfashionable James Hadley Chase, with Billy Zane as a just-paroled high-tech thief hired by banker James Coburn to design a foolproof security system for his new vault. No sooner has Zane begun an affair with mystery women Mia Sara than he is framed for a cop killing and blackmailed by James Russo, who kidnaps Sara, into planning a robbery which will circumvent all the burglar-proofing gadgets he has invented. It has solid performances and some excitement but, especially given the title, is a touch predictable.

Not too bad, if you like simplistic story telling.