Seeing Double Review

Image for Seeing Double

S Club have to battle against clones of themselves.


Imagine not one S Club, but two. Music hell or lad mag heaven? Having been cloned by a dastardly celeb-obsessed villain (Pop Idol irony, perhaps?), the ever-chirpy Rachel, Hannah and pals are taken for tragic wannabes while their 'popbot' impersonators storm the world's stages.

Luckily they've got a few tricks up their collective S Club sleeve, and set about infiltrating the clones and proving their genuine pop star status. Seeing Double is absolute nonsense of course and, in real terms, it's a terrible film.

However, it has all the crap jokes, upbeat sing-alongs and Gareth Gates cameos its target audience wants. Even if you're slightly older than primary school age, you could find there's some mindless fun to be had here (even though your intentions might be less than honourable).