Seducing Dr Lewis Review

Image for Seducing Dr Lewis

A much-needed new factory is promised to the residents of a tiny fishing village provided they can lure a doctor to take up full-time residency on the island.


The entire population of a small town conspire to deceive in a French-Canadian comedy in the Waking Ned/Whisky Galore! mould. There’s also a touch of The Truman Show about the idea: a city doctor, Christopher Lewis (Boutin), is the unwitting centre of attention in a small fishing island in Quebec, whose residents are secretly spying on him and tailor-making everything to seduce him, from the restaurant menu to the women’s footwear.

For insurance purposes, they need a resident doctor in order to open a lucrative factory, so the visiting doc must be made to sign up. Some of the townspeople’s more elaborate schemes entertain, but while this has a genial tone, there’s little substance or depth of character.

Amused, maybe - but you won’t be seduced.