Secret Things Review

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Nathalie and Sandrine are struggling to survive in Paris when they decide that gold-digging in the corporate sphere could prove lucrative…until they meet Christophe, a powerful bank director and experienced, sexual predator


Right from its opening images of naked dancer Coralie Revel pleasuring herself before a respectfully rapt audience, Jean-Claude Brisseau’s stylish, sly study of sex, wealth and power begins exerting its grip. Having hooked up with barmaid Sabrina Seyvecou, Revel gives her a crash course in gold-digging and lets

her loose on middle-aged corporate bigwig Roger Mirmont, while she sets her sights on his libertine boss, Fabrice Deville.

The sequences in which Seyvecou insinuates herself into Mirmont’s bed are delicious and stuffed with gender satire. However, most viewers will likely find that the fun of the chase far exceeds the girls’ enjoyment of their ill-gotten gains, especially when the focus shifts onto Deville, who turns out to be an incestuous dastard who has clearly spent too much time watching the orgy sequence in Eyes Wide Shut.

Stylish and gripping at times, this wry very-French gender satire is definitetly entertaining but falls down a little in the third act.