The Secret Of Moonacre Review

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Set in the 1840's, the story follows Maria Merryweather, a 13-year-old orphan on her journey to the mysterious Moonacre Manor in the beautiful West Country.


There’s a fine line dividing magical and arch, and it’s trodden with varying degrees of success in this adaptation of children’s novel The Little White Horse.

The plot — 19th century orphan Maria (The Golden Compass’ Dakota Blue Richards) learns that she is destined to be the “Moon Princess” and unite two warring families — has been given a dose of action and adventure, giving it appeal for the Harry Potter generation. But so-so scripting and odd supporting characters dampen the atmosphere, and Richards fails to engage. Still, the medieval/punk/samurai look works, and kids will like the fairy tale bits.

Whilst missing a trick in terms of script and casting, at least they've amped up the action from the somewhat sedate book.