Secret Beyond The Door Review

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In this Freudian version of the Bluebeard tale, a young, trust-funded New Yorker goes to Mexico on vacation before marrying an old friend whom she considers a safe choice for a husband. However, there she finds her dream man -- a handsome, mysterious stranger who spots her in a crowd. In a matter of days they marry, honeymoon and move to his mansion, to which he has added a wing full of rooms where famous murders took place. She discovers many secrets about the house and her husband, but wha


This is a misfire from German master Fritz Lang. Cribbed from Hitchcock's Rebecca right down to the haunted house and trance-like narrative, here we have Joan Bennett convinced that husband Michael Redgrave killed his ex-wife.

Of course, Redgrave is a total fruitcake, not surprising considering he slips up on all the Freudian jargon that masquerades as dialogue.

A late entry in Lang's career, but beautiful camerawork proves he still had something but the dialogue and the acting really lets it down which from a director of Lang's calibre you would be surprised he would allow to go unchecked.

Sloppy effort from Lang late in his career.