Second Coming Review

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After the birth of her now 11 year-old son, London mother Jax (Nadine Marshall) was told she would never conceive again but suddenly after months without contact from her husband or any other man she finds herself miraculously pregnant.


It’s not yet fully formed, but here’s a precious new voice in British cinema. Tucker Green’s drama eavesdrops on an Anglo-Caribbean family as they absorb the impact of a dubious miracle: bewildered by her pregnancy, Marshall’s mum is certain she’s the victim of immaculate conception.

The social realist parable favours rhythm over reason, seeding cryptic clues in its mundane domestic milieu: even the pregnancy is barely discussed. Elba impresses as the mercurial dad, but it’s Marshall’s subtle, soulful portrayal of a deeply troubled character that resonates.

A soulful drama that heralds the arrival of a new voice in British cinema.