The Sea Change Review

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Uptight stockbroker, Rupert is thrown together with a down-to-earth working class type whilst trying to make it from Barcelona to London for his girlfriend's birthday or she'll refuse his marriage proposal


When a heroine describes herself as a ''90s woman', it's a sure sign that a film has sat on a shelf for too long before creeping out on video.

In this awkward, witless rom-com riff on Planes, Trains And Automobiles, horrid stockbroker Sean Chapman must make it from Barcelona to his girlfriend's birthday party in London or she'll reject his proposal of marriage.

Sat next to builder Ray Winstone on a delayed plane, Chapman has various 'adventures' that cure him of being an arsehole, but won't make any viewers laugh or care. It would have been a mercy to shelve it for another decade or so.

Cliched and unfunny, this manages to take itself too seriously and not seriously enough at the same time.