A Screaming Man Review

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Chad. Adam (Djaoro), a sixty-something ex-swimming champion, is a pool attendant pool attendant at a smart hotel in the capital. But when the hotel is taken over bay new Chinese owners, he's forced to hand his job to his son, as the country's civil war rumbles ever closer. Humiliated, he's left with a stark choice.


Present day Chad. Ageing pool attendant Adam (Djaoro) is the pool attendant in a high-end hotel assisted by his son Abdel (Diouc Koma). After the hotel is taken over by a Chinese owner (Heling Li), Abdel is given charge of the pool and his father is demoted to gatekeeper. How Adam reacts to this news sets in motion dramatic, political ramifications, but Haroun never gets histrionic, letting his story play out in beautifully shot passages of quiet contemplation. From its tender opening moments to its haunting finale, Haroun beautifully demonstrates how public tragedies inform private lives.

Beautifully understated, Haroun gives his story room to breathe and the tenderness to touch the heart. A thoughtful tale of fathers and sons.