Scorched Review

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Three bank workers (Silverstone, Costanzo, Harrelson) in a small desert community separately plot to rip off their employers. Meanwhile a manic shop worker (Cook) plans to get revenge on a corrupt millionaire (Cleese).


Delaying a movie’s release by two years doesn’t exactly scream, “Watch this!” so it’s not surprising this directionless heist comedy has little to recommend it. Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson and Road Trip’s Paulo Costanzo play a trio of bank tellers who separately decide to rob their employers over the same weekend. Not just for the money — Silverstone’s getting revenge on her ex, the manager; Costanzo’s doing it to relieve boredom; and Harrelson’s doing it to avenge the killing of a duck by millionaire John Cleese.

The quirky mix of motivations indicates this is more about the characters than the crime, but any interest in them soon dissipates when it becomes clear that, for all the dialogue, no-one’s talking about anything worth listening to.

A heist movie where the job comes second to pointless chat, Scorched talks and talks but is essentially full of hot air.