School For Seduction Review

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A group of Northern lasses try to take control of their lives by taking control of the bedroom.


In the spirit of The Full Monty, Sue Heel's debut sets a group of Northern women on the path to empowerment through the seduction classes of a mysterious Italian temptress (Brook).

The assembled Brit actresses play their parts with hen-partyish largesse - special mention to newcomer Jessica Johnson, who strides through her sluttish role like a refugee from a Mike Leigh comedy - but Heel doesn't manage the big laughs that a UK comedy needs to compete with the big boys.

Brook, as the improbably named Sophia Rosselini, may get her name above the title, but only takes a small, showy role. She stumbles a little with the accent, but the odd moment of affecting emotion suggests she deserves a career beyond men's mag cover posing.

Kelly Brook is something of a surprise in the acting stakes, but overall the film never gets beyond flirting with the audience for laughs.