Scanner Cop Review

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Sam is a cop in a futuristic LA Police Department, he is also a scanner (a telepathic warrior). As more and more of his colleagues get murdered, Sam's brain-power is pushed to the limit as he tries to catch the killers.


An attempt to change the format of the Scanners franchise with producer Pierre David taking over as director and expunging the last tinges of David Cronenberg's visionary conspiracy concept in favour of a straightforward plot. Weak-chinned Daniel Quinn stars as a rookie cop with the Los Angeles Police Department who, as a scanner, uses his telepathic powers who takes on Richard Lynch, a scarred, mad brain surgeon who is using a Manchurian Candidate-style process to turn decent citizens into cop killers. It zips along pleasantly enough to its head-bursting climax, but suffers from a feeble supporting cast and a perfunctory script

Moderately enjoyable horror movie, that suffers for its cast and script.