The Salt Of Life Review

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Feeling life slowly slipping by and with his wife perpetually busy, Gianni (Di Gregorio) decides the time has come to find a lover. Things, though, are not quite so simple for the sixty-something Roman.


Gianni Di Gregorio reunites with Mid-August Lunch mamma Valeria de Franciscis Bendoni for this wistful treatise on how men and women see each other. Daunted by the prospect of spending his retirement running errands for busy wife Elisabetta Piccolomini, Di Gregorio ponders gadabout lawyer Alfonso Santagata’s suggestion he takes a lover. But while he still has a roving eye and a flirty manner, the saggy sexagenarian isn’t convinced he has what it takes to entice the females of his acquaintance. Generously allowing everyone to steal scenes while being the butt of much self-deprecating humour, Di Gregorio conveys the pangs of ageing with a gentle if regretful wit whose charm is reinforced by the impeccable script and deft playing. Moreover, his fantasising always feels more gallant than grotesque.

Writer/director Gianni Di Gregorio flaunts his chops on both sides of the camera with his follow-up to Mid-August Lunch. Salty, charming stuff.