Salon Kitty Review

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A German brothel is fitted with recording devices to try and ensnare the Nazis that frequent it and so use the information against Hitler. The prostitues find out and attempt to foil the conspiracy.


Tinto Brass' once-controversial film is essentially pompous tat, though its five admirers should note that this release includes 21 minutes of previously-censored Nazi-panky.

Helmut Berger runs a brothel to spy on the German elite, and goes mad in a series of increasingly silly scenes. His favourite prozzie, upset when her boyfriend is hanged with piano wire, vows to ruin his life.

Meanwhile, madame Ingrid Thulin pines for the pre-War days when perverts could flog each other silly and listen to sub-Kurt Weill ditties without politics coming into it, and when black leather jackboots really meant something.

Pompous tat that fails to be controversial, or particularly diverting.